Bublup for Large File Sharing

Send Big Files in Seconds

Bublup is your go-to file sharing service for files both large and small. With a simple link, your recipient can download your large files instantly. Without send limits, you can send as many files as you want, and the shareable links never expire.

Bublup is a free platform. However, if you have extensive sharing needs, sign up for Premium and share up to 50 GB!

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What to Look for In a

File Sharing Service

As the need to work remotely continues to grow, the need to expand your remote resources also grows. As much as 82% of companies plan to allow some of their employees to work at least some of the time remotely. Bublup will smooth this transition by allowing you to instantly share large files at any time, letting your recipient download immediately.

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Free File Transfers and Storage

Bublup allows for more flexibility than other file-sharing services so you’ll never have to worry about sending limits or lack of storage again. And file-sharing should be easy, right? That’s why we let you share any file type or size in just three simple steps.

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Step 1

Create a New Folder

Upload your document, video, or other files into a Bublup folder.

Step 2

Access Your Share Link

Click the “•••” menu in the top right corner of the file you uploaded and select “copy shareable link.”

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Step 3

Share Your Content

Send the link via email, text, social, or however you share.

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How We Stack Up

With Bublup, you never have to worry about the logistics of file sharing again. Simply drag your file to its preferred storage folder and use it whenever you want without worrying about whether it will expire or if you have enough space. Bublup understands that size matters. When you use our file sharing platform, you can rest easy knowing we’ll handle all of your file sharing needs.




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