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Access and share your favorite recipes from anywhere in the world with the Bublup app. Simply upload your recipes and access them anytime and anywhere with your smartphone, desktop, or tablet. Sticking to a meal plan has never been this easy.

Streamline your grocery shopping by organizing all your recipes in different folders. Our recipe sharing app lets you categorize your recipes by days of the week or type, ensuring you plan the perfect meal (and get in and out of the grocery store as soon as possible).

Bublup also makes sharing and organizing easy for everyone with its eye-popping design and user-friendly app. Craving Grandma’s cooking? Have her download the app and add her famous pumpkin pie recipe. Sharing recipes with your friends and family has never been this easy or fun.

Digital Recipe Book

Made Easy

Recipe sharing apps digitally organize all of your most valued recipes in a digital recipe book so you can take them anywhere, share them with your friends and family, and store them in one convenient location. With Bublup, you no longer have to worry about misplacing your cookbooks, having someone in the kitchen explain the recipe to you, or forgetting the recipe at home when you make a trip to the grocery store.

Share all of your cherished culinary creations with anyone with the touch of a button. For example, let’s say your daughter just left for college and you want her to take a piece of home with her. Have her join Bublup, and just like that, you two can share existing recipes and even create new ones. It’s all about staying connected.

Or, let’s say your friend has been asking you about the recipe for that amazing pie you made last Thanksgiving. Our recipe-sharing app makes it easier than ever for you to instantly share a slice of heaven with them. Have them join your group and you will be able to share that recipe and more.

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Why Use Bublup to

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What Can Recipe Sharing Apps Do for You?

Following Meal Plans Made Easy

We all know how challenging maintaining a healthy diet can be. Part of the challenge behind adhering to a healthy diet is the indecision we face when we are at a restaurant, grocery store, or at home. What should you order? What should you buy, and what should you cook when you buy it?

Simplify your diet with Bublup and organize your meal plan so you can stay on track no matter what curveballs life throws your way. Drag and drop your favorite recipes into one location so you can access them whenever you need to. Bublup makes following your meal plan simple. No matter where you are, you’ll know which healthy options fit within your dietary regimen.

Don’t Waste Anymore Time at the Grocery Store

How many times have you gone to the grocery store and aimlessly wandered through aisle after aisle, only to find you haven’t put anything in your cart? With Bublup, you never have to do that again. Since all of your ingredients are organized and accessible in one location, the grocery list has never been so easy. And if you’re looking for exciting new recipes, Bublup can provide those for you, as well.

Discover New Favorites

Spice up your recipe routine and find inspiration for your next favorite dish with Bublup! Store your favorite recipes and discover even more that fit your dietary needs, eating preferences, and restrictions with our Suggestions feature.

Sharing Recipes Is Better With Bublup

Bublup helps you organize all of your recipes in one convenient location. Share your favorite recipes, connect with friends and family, and stay committed to your meal plan with our easy-to-use app. Saving, organizing, and sharing all your digital content has never been this intuitive or fun.

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