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Gathering information has never been easier when you can immediately save and organize all your links, digital notes, photos, videos, and more with the innovative Bublup app. Effortlessly take and capture notes, save links, and finally get all that important information organized, all side-by-side. Perfect for students, working professionals, or anyone who simply needs to gather and organize their digital information, Bublup lets you do it all.

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What Makes Bublup


We Reimagined Information Gathering.

Whether working on a project for school or work, diving into a new hobby, or researching something new, it can be challenging to keep all your information organized, especially when there is a wide range of sources. This is why we created Bublup — an easy and convenient single location to save, organize, and share all your digital content. Organize your research in as many folders as you need, and save links, notes, photos, and more together, creating a visual snapshot of all your research. As you save, our AI-powered Suggestions feature will find related content for even more inspiration for your ideas and projects.

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Stay Connected to Your

Digital Information

Bublup is available on iOS, Android, and most desktop browsers. As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll have access to your digital files. Collaborate with coworkers working remotely. Check in on important projects while you’re on vacation. With instant access to all your digital information, you’ll never have to stress about missing out on something. Bublup makes saving, gathering, and organizing all your digital information intuitive and fun.

Share Your Digital Information

Visually with Bublup Rolls

Transform your digital research into works of art with Bublup Rolls. Bublup Rolls are eye-catching collections of your favorite photos, videos, and digital files created in just a few clicks. Fully customize your Rolls and then share them to inspire your friends and family. With Bublup Rolls, your favorite photos, videos, notes, and digital research have never looked better.

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Turn Your Digital Information

Visual with Bublup

Bublup is your trusted digital information gathering app. We make sharing and organizing all your digital content visually appealing and fully customizable. Upload your favorite content and turn it into shareable stories using photos, videos, titles, descriptions, GIFs, notes, and more. No matter what type of information you want to save, Bublup has got you covered.

Why Should I Use Bublup to Gather Information?

Bublup is one of the easiest ways to gather all of your digital information in one convenient and easy to access space. Our intuitive, interactive app makes gathering and organizing notes, links, and information fun and simple. Find inspiration and discover even more content online with Suggestions. And with unlimited links that don’t expire, you can share all of your content with friends, family, and colleagues.

Bublup gives you the power to save, organize, and share your digital files from one easy-to-use online app. With membership plans starting at FREE, we’ve got options to make your life easier and more organized.

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