Bublup for Bookmarking

A Visual Way to Bookmark and Save

Do you find yourself drowning in open tabs? Constantly losing stuff in your bookmarks? Don’t worry. Bublup is here to help.

Save your bookmarks, images, files, and more—together. In Bublup, everything is visual, meaning folders and items have images, titles, and more to help you find things faster and easily share all your online content. Our cloud-based bookmark manager can organize your digital life so you’ll never lose an important link again.

Visual bookmarking and so much more.
visual bookmarking app
what is visual bookmarking

What is a

Visual Bookmarking App?

A visual bookmarking app is a digital tool that offers users an easy and convenient way to collect, organize, and save all their images, videos, files, or any other type of digital content. A visual bookmarking app is the perfect way to organize your online life.

Let’s face it; it’s easy to get lost in all our digital files, folders, and links. But with Bublup, you can use tags and folders to organize everything. Bookmarking management tools allow you to track, mark, and download your digital content in one place—making it easy to access and share your favorite content.

What are the Benefits of

Bookmark Management Apps?

Need to save articles, images, or videos? No problem. Bublup’s bookmark management app feature makes collecting, organizing, and saving your digital files a breeze.

Why do so many people love Bublup for bookmarking?


Instantly share any of your digital files with your family, friends, or coworkers. This feature makes collaboration for school or work more convenient and accessible.


Learning new things is easier than ever before with a visual bookmark app. Instantly save all your sources so you’ll never lose one again. And for those larger projects, the folders for organization prove to be an absolute game-changer.


Use folders and visual features to easily organize all of your digital content.

One App For Everything

Whether it’s images, files, links, or videos you can store it all in one convenient space.

bublup – a Powerful Bookmarking Platform

Bye, bye
boring old bookmarks.

Every bookmark gets an image, a title, and a description auto-magically. This makes it easier to find what you need, when you need it.

to use.

Bublup is super flexible and easy to get started right away.

Save anything.

Drag and drop or tap to save links, files, and any kind of media together in one visual folder.

stuff faster.

Add custom titles, descriptions, and images to what you save to find it quickly.

Collaboration and
sharing made easy.

Invite people to your folders to contribute and react. Comment on individual items or folders, add fun emojis, or @mention to spice up your saves!

Stay connected
to your content.

Bublup is available on iOS, Android, and most desktop browsers.

Import bookmarks
from your browser.

Import your already saved bookmarks from Chrome, Safari, or Firefox devices.

Lose all those
tabs now.

Easily save any link while you browse with Bublup’s browser extensions for Chrome and Edge.

For work, and
for play.

Gone are the days of needing separate apps or accounts for work and personal use. In Bublup, simply create folders for your work project, vacation, family photos, and more. Share individual folders with friends or colleagues, and keep others private.

How Can I Access

My Bookmarks?

From almost anywhere. Bublup bookmarks can be accessed on your desktop or laptop computer. Bublup supports Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. We also offer an extension through Chrome and Edge with additional features for discovering new content and saving all your favorite pages. Our mobile app for Android and iOS makes accessing your bookmarks and digital files easier than ever.

how can i access bookmarks

What Else Can Bublup Do?

Bublup is a powerful and easy-to-use visual bookmarking app—but it can also do so much more. Curious about how else Bublup can transform your digital life?

  • Simplify your life with just one app instead of several.
  • Save time by storing all your digital files in one place.
  • Visualize your files.
  • Create endless folders and subfolders for organization.
  • Use individually, with friends, or as part of a school or work team.
  • Discover what’s “Bubbling Up For You” with our innovative explore feature.
  • Share all your digital content effortlessly—Bublup is designed to share.
  • Our unique Rolls feature allows you to turn your saved content and folders into beautiful and eye-catching stories.

Start Bookmarking with Bublup

You’ve never shared like this before, we promise.

Bookmarking with Bublup ensures that you’ll never lose or misplace your digital files again. Save, collect, and organize photos, videos, links, Word files, and more with our easy-to-use interface.

Check out our membership plans and get started today.

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